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Cancer – cbd

Nearly everyone fears the “C” word, yet cancer continues to be a leading cause of death. Cancer forms when cells begin quickly multiplying without stopping as normal cells do. These cells eventually begin to invade surrounding tissues. This is true for all types of cancer, though some types are more deadly than others. When a cancer spreads from one site to another, this is called a malignant form of cancer. Malignant cancers are the most serious, because that means the cancerous cells are more plentiful are often harder to treat.

Treatments for Cancer

The most common cancer treatments are chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of the two.
Chemotherapy: This involves the use of highly effective, but highly toxic, chemicals which kill cancer cells. The downside is that these drugs also kill healthy cells, depleting the immune system and leaving patients susceptible to infectious disease. Additionally, the side effects of most chemotherapy drugs are crippling, and often patients are unable to eat or drink normally due to severe nausea and vomiting.
Radiation: High doses of radiation are also used to reduce tumor size and kill cancerous cells. The rays used may include gamma rays, x-rays and others. Additionally, radioactive iodine may be injected into the bloodstream to kill cancerous cells. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation therapy is usually targeted only at areas with known tumors or cancers, so most normal cells remain unharmed. Like chemotherapy, however, severe side effects may occur.

CBD for Cancer Treatment

Newer studies have shown that CBD oil may be helpful in the prevention of malignancy in cancer patients. It may also help destroy cancer cells to get rid of the disease entirely. It works by binding to the CB1 or CB2 receptor on each cell and drives cell death. Unlike many other cancer treatments, this only occurs in cancer cells, and normal cells are left unharmed by this action. Additionally, CBD has been shown to decrease side effects in those who are undergoing chemotherapy so they’re able to eat and drink more normally and maintain the strength.
In addition to actually helping to destroy the cancer cells themselves, CBD oil also helps to bolster the immune system to increase the body’s natural defenses.
If you or someone you know is struggling through cancer treatments, or are considering an alternative, we have a great place to begin your research into the CBD oil used in the most recent studies.



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