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Epilepsy & Seizures



Epilepsy & seizures

Seizures are a scary event for anyone, but especially when they occur in children. Even so, many children have recurrent seizures in the form of various types of epilepsy, a disorder which causes numerous and sometimes prolonged seizures to occur.

A seizure is, simply put, a change in the brain’s normal electrical activity. This may cause convulsions and other noticeable movements. Some seizures can lead to permanent brain damage, while others may come and go without marked deterioration in the person’s mental functioning.

Epilepsy disorders can become dangerous, either because of the disease itself or due to hazards while working or playing when seizures strike. Some cases can be controlled with medications, but those with certain forms of epileptic seizures often suffer severe complications and even death.

Dravet Syndrome is one such type. It is a form of epilepsy diagnosed in childhood, and it often accompanies additional learning disability, mood disorders, balance problems and other symptoms. Children with this disorder often die before the age of 20.

The Use of CBD Oil in Epilepsy

Cannabis, in various forms, has been used for the treatment of epilepsy for thousands of years. It has only been more recently that scientific research has begun to catch up with what millions of people already knew: cannabis can help stop epileptic seizures. Early studies mostly looked at the use of Marijuana and the effect of THC on epilepsy patients. THC is the chemical found in marijuana that gives users the “high” effect. Studies indicate that it is an effective anti-seizure remedy.

More recent reviews have also looked at the effectiveness of isolated CBD oil and have found similarly promising results. Even children with the most severe forms of epilepsy experienced a drastic reduction in potentially life-threatening seizures while on CBD oil. While the exact mechanisms of how each chemical works is still unknown, further research is being conducted. In any event, CBD oil is generally well-tolerated by people of all ages, and it may have additional health benefits as well.

Getting Started with CBD Oil for Epilepsy and Seizures

First, it’s important that you trust your source. Not all CBD oils are created equal, so it’s important that you find one that is pure, both in how the plants are grown and in the extraction process. Additionally, varied dosages may be helpful when determining the right amount for children.

If you’re looking into starting a CBD oil regimen for yourself, or for someone you love, using the same oil used in leading studies, we have an excellent place to begin your research.



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