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CBD Treatment



Fibromyalgia – CBD Oil

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and oftentimes debilitating illness that is causes widespread pain of the musculoskeletal system. Other symptoms may include fatigue, mood instability, and sleep disturbances. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are also more likely to suffer from other joint disorders, anxiety and depression. There is no cure for fibromyalgia.

Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Medications may be used to reduce the pain of fibromyalgia, though in many cases the illness is resistant to treatment. Stress relief and physical activity may also reduce the effects of fibromyalgia when patients are able.

There is no single known cause for fibro, but it sometimes develops suddenly after a primary illness or injury. In other cases, symptoms may appear and gradually intensify over time. Because the underlying cause is unknown, treatments typically aim to treat the symptoms of the disorder.

CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

Though research is still ongoing, preliminary studies have shown a stark decrease in pain among fibromyalgia patients who take CBD oil. The exact mechanisms by which this works is not currently known. CBD oil appears to react with certain receptors in the brain, and with cannabinoid receptors in individual cells. It also seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

CBD oil has not only been shown to reduce pain in those with fibromyalgia, but also in other chronic pain conditions. It may also help treat the corresponding anxiety and other mood imbalances that often accompany this condition.

Choosing a CBD Oil

Studies on CBD oil required using a high-grade, pure oil that was shown to be highly potent and uncontaminated by chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, higher dosages were often used to achieve the desired results. In most cases, CBD oil was tolerated well and few side effects were reported. When choosing an oil, it pays to do your homework to ensure you’re getting the best product with a proven track record.
If you’re interested in learning more about using these CBD oil in these studies to help treat fibromyalgia or another chronic pain condition, we have a great place for you to start.



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