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Cancer Treatment

Prevention of Tumor Growth in Breast Cancer through CBD

Prevention of Tumor Growth in Breast Cancer through CBD

Cancer is a deadly disease, which inflicts fear and terror among people. Among the parts of body affected by the disease, breast is the most common part. More women, than men, get infected with the disease, and the intensity is such, that one out of every eighth lady is suffering from this type of cancer. The cancer cells develop in the breasts across the milk-producing ducts and glands. It can also occur in the fatty tissue or lymph nodes present around the breasts.

Scientists across the globe and the federal government have been searching for treatment pertaining to the safe and natural treatment of breast cancer. Among the research, the most successful remedy to hinder the growth of tumor cells of breast cancer was found to be with the use of CBD or Cannabidiol.

What is Cannabidiol?

The Cannabidiol or CBD is formed from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is a major non-psychotomimetic compound of the plant.  The drug has many similarities in terms of functionalities to the Cannabis and all without TCH. The absence of TCH makes it a legally acceptable drug across 50 states. CBD is neuroprotective and neurogenic in nature. Moreover, it is also known to provide an anxiolytic or calming effect on both humans and animals. The CBD is being extensively used, for the treatment of autoimmune and mental disorders. Presently, the positive response of CBD as an anti-cancer drug to combat the growth of tumor cells is being widely displayed by the researchers of the federal government.

Study by Researchers

The federal researchers have been undertaking various studies to ascertain the effect of CBD in fighting cancer. They conducted a test, where they administered CBD to a mice suffering from Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus, which is similar to breast cancer in humans. The same test was also carried out on 87 human beings suffering from the disease.
The results were analyzed, and it was found that after 8 weeks, the mice were showing an extremely positive response. The tumor cells were diminishing and reduced substantially. The growth of cancer cells and metastases, which is the secondary tumors were also hindered and almost stopped.
The result of the test on human breasts was equally encouraging, as, the CBD was seen to obstruct the cancer cell multiplication. The cancer cells also destroyed and tumor size also shrunk with CBD.
The researchers inferred that because the breast cancer tumors have CB2 receptors, the CBD works in conjunction with these receptors, thereby giving positive results.


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