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Cancer Treatment

Misconceptions related to CBD

Misconceptions related to CBD

Cannabidol or CBD

CBD is one of the many active cannabinoids found in cannabis plant or commonly known as marijuana. It accounts for a large percent of the plant’s extract. But, it is different from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in cannabis, which is known for its intoxicating effects. Research has been conducted about the effect of CBD on humans and mice. It has been found that CBD helps with many medical conditions like epilepsy and cancer. It has been seen that use of CBD in cancer patients helps to reduce nausea, vomiting, pain and appetite loss. Because, of its relative medical importance its use for medical purposes has become legal in many states of USA. Despite its many uses there many misconceptions about CBD. Let’s discuss in detail about these misconceptions and see for ourselves whether they are true or not.

Pharmaceuticals drugs are better than CBD

CBD provides various medical benefits without any side effects. This cannot be said about pharmaceutical drugs. They are not only expensive; they become addictive and also run the risk of overdosing. The popularity of these drugs is mainly due to them being around for a long time. People have grown accustomed to them. There are many political and financial reasons for their use too. But, in recent times many studies have taken place that prove the benefits of CBD in cases of depression, anxiety and insomnia. In fact, after using CBD people stop using pharmaceutical drugs. They find CBD to be more effective than these drugs and safer too. You can read in detail about the research here.  

CBD is illegal in America

Though, CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, it is just one of the hundreds of ingredients found in the plant. Looking at the possible benefits from CBD in various medical conditions many states in USA have legalized its use in medical form. Though, it cannot be locally grown and doctors cannot prescribe it, CBD can be recommended by doctors. Distributors of CBD procure it from other countries like India. We hope that looking at the great medical possibilities CBD would be allowed to be grown locally too.

CBD bought from any distributor is same

Because of the legalization of CBD in many states many profit greedy people are jumping at this business opportunity. Looking at the medical benefits that CBD is offering and its increasing popularity, more and more people want a part of this growing market. People use misleading advertisements to lure people into using their product. It is extremely important that you do proper research before buying any CBD product. One of the places you can do your research is  It is a regulatory agency of manufactures and industrialists that tests the quality of the CBD products offered in the market. You can check this site and get information whether the CBD you have purchased from a distributor is quality CBD or not.
You will find many more misconceptions related to CBD. We will keep on clearing these misconceptions and concentrate on the benefits provided by this wonderful plant.


If you or a loved one is interested in seeing for yourself the health benefits of CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into high quality, CBD products. CBD is offered in CBD Oil at this website:



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