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Cancer Treatment

Get the Lyme disease cured by CBD

Get the Lyme disease cured by CBD
The infection Lyme is known to affect a huge number of people. Based on CDC, it is said that the Lyme, is the swiftest expanding vector-borne disease, spreading across the United States. Close to 3 lakh people are getting infected each year with the disease in America.  The reason behind the disease is nothing but a tick. The indications of the disease include rash and flu-like impression. Yet, the prime factor leading to death in Lyme disease is depression, which might lead to suicide because of its weakening effects.
The cure for the disease is known to be found with a worldwide specialist Dr. Ernie Murakami. He determined that CBD can be the best remedy for Lyme disease. The detail pertaining to the CBD and its benefits is mentioned below.

The CBD efficiency

The Cannabidiol or popularly called as the CBD is a prime non-psychotomimetic compound, derived out of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The compound is similar to Cannabis in many ways but excludes THC in any form. The absence of THC makes it a legal drug across 50 states. The main benefits of CBD include transmitting of neuroprotective and neurogenic effects. However, CBD also showcases the anxiolytic or soothing effect on both humans and animals. The drug is being currently used to treat patients suffering from mental and autoimmune disorders. The use of CBD as an anti-cancer drug is also showing positive results as suggested by federal funded research studies. Nevertheless, the greatest thought-provoking study has been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of CBD for treating Lyme disease.  

The Study

Dr.Murakami, who is a renowned doctor with many years of experience, and responsible for finding the tick removal method used worldwide, conducted this study on CBD and its effect on Lyme disease. The study was conducted when he himself had a bad hockey accident that made him suffer from head trauma. The result of the trauma was a tumor. Dr. Murakami regularly suggested its patients to use CBD to get pain relief, his study made him come across the fact that many doctors are experimenting with the use of CBD to reduce tumor size.  He started using CBD to treat his own tumor and the result was very encouraging.
The positive outcome made him conduct further research, to ascertain the benefit of CBD in treating other ailments including Lyme disease. The fact that that CBD has antibiotic properties, and the main treatment required to treat Lyme included regular intake of antibiotic for a month it was analyzed for remedy. Moreover, there was just a 40% chance that the treatment will be ineffective or cause any harm to the patient’s body. That is the reason why Dr.Murakami desired to study a more natural and safe treatment option.
The specialist began the study of CBD on, line spirochetes, which was the bacteria that caused Lyme’s, with a positive affirmation. Dr.Murakami presented his research in 2014 and huge amounts of further study are being held in universities across worldwide.

The Remedy

The CBD compound can be administered in various forms. It is available in oil form at, in capsule form, as pain cream and also as E-liquid. The patients suffering from Lyme disease can ascertain the choice based on his preference. All varieties come in different strengths and cater to different concerns. "If you or a loved one are interested in seeing for yourself anxiety relief with CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in:"



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