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Get Over the PTSD symptom with CBD

Get Over the PTSD symptom with CBD

Being a part of an unpleasant situation often leads to feelings of anxiety and restlessness. The PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a more severe form of anxiety, which is evolved from traumatic or distressing circumstances. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs states, that nearly 8 million people get affected by the PTSD disorder in a single year. The sufferer experiences panic like situations that are difficult to stop in case of PTSD. The repeat of certain events, objects, loud noises or a specific sound, or even a perfume can provoke the past, leading to the attack making the patient loses his senses and originality. If such situation prevails, it becomes extremely dangerous for the patient and the people surrounding the sufferer. The treatment of the disorder is done by pharmaceutical medicines suggested by doctors, but when it comes to long-term sustainability, they are not very safe for mental illness. It is for this reason; many patients are looking for an alternative and natural solution for the treatment of PTSD disorder in the form of the CBD.

The CBD effect

The Cannabis Sativa plant is a majestic plant that greatly helps in the treatment pertaining to mental issues. The CBD or Cannabidiol a major non-psychotomimetic compound derived from the plant is being used as a remedy for PTSD. The CBD carries similar functionalities of the Cannabis without any THC content and psychoactive effect. The lack of THC makes it a legally acceptable drug across 50 states. Moreover, the compound is known to produce a neurogenic and neuroprotective effect on patients suffering from anxiety. Its anxiolytic or soothing effect gives relief to both humans and animals alike. The drug is even proving effective in the treatment of cancer, mental and autoimmune disorders. But, the most positive outcomes of CBD can be seen in treating patients with PTSD.    


To determine the effectiveness of the CBD during a fearful state, the federally funded researchers carried out an experiment. The experiment consisted of 40 fear-conditioned rats, and the outcome was noted when CBD was used to treat their fear memory. Three cages very distinct from each other were chosen which were capable of giving electric foot shocks to the rat. Each of the rats was subjected to these cages for three minutes each. During the initial phase of the experiment, no electric shock was administered and the rats were seen to be becoming familiar with the cage. Later, three-foot shocks were administered to each of the rats for a time period of three minutes. All rats remained “frozen” for 15 to 20 seconds post the shock, a common danger response seen in small mammals. The time following the rats was put in the cage, the rats froze without any electrical shock given, demonstrating that the fear conditioning had been effective.
In order to determine the potential of CBD on PTSD, 20 of the rats were given 10mgs of liquid Cannabidiol. The other 20 who were not administered with CBD showed the same fear response when kept in the cages. But, the ones who were given Cannabidiol displayed extraordinary difference. After the injected rats were put in the cages, they were relaxed and roamed as they did when they entered the cage for the first time. The response was completely reverse of their “frozen” response they had prior. Additionally, after being given CBD, when the rats received electric shocks, they froze for very short time, just three to five seconds. The latest response gave the same result every time Cannabidiol was injected into the rats.

The Cure

The experiment proved that the treatment of PTSD with CBD can help in fighting the symptoms. The Cannabidiol is being used by many patients to get their disease treated. That is why it should be considered as an excellent treatment medium. The CBD is available in many forms. The CBD oil can be availed at, other than oil, one can even choose capsule, pain cream and E-Liquid. The form of the treatment depends on personal preference. Each of the treatment forms is available in different strengths and addresses different concerns. "If you or a loved one are interested in seeing for yourself anxiety relief with CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in:"


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