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Cancer Treatment

Decrease Cigarette addiction with CBD

Decrease Cigarette addiction with CBD

Developing new habits is not difficult. However, choosing and developing good habits is something very difficult. One of the bad habits which most of the people of all the age groups have is that of smoking. More than just a bad habit, it is an addiction for everyone who smokes. The figures that the last survey revealed were quite shocking. According to the survey results, around 480,000 Americans die every year due to their addiction to smoking. Additionally, around 3,000 teens smoke their first cigarettes every year. If this isn’t shocking enough, the study also revealed that a cigarette has around 7,000 harmful chemical of which 70 are the main cause of cancer.

After the above findings, it is easy to believe that people would quit smoking. Sadly, no. This is because they are so addicted to nicotine, the drug in the cigarette that their mind and body become helpless without it. They literally crave for this drug which has made them dependent and helpless in all aspects. Due to the inhalation of this drug, people experience a lot of physical changes-while taking it and even when they try to quit it. However, researchers may have found a natural, less troublesome and much safer treatment for this.

The possible treatment is CBD. Canabiddiol or CBD is the most abundant non psychoactive compound of the cannabis Sativa plant. It was used ages ago for many purposes. However, due to certain reasons it was banned. But, recently the use of medical marijuana or CBD has been noticed again as it is thought to be a possible treatment for many ailments.

To prove the various benefits of CBD, there was a great research study done by a group of researchers in London, UK. The research was done on 24 habitual cigarettes smokers who very addicted to them. These 24 people were divided in two groups. It was also made sure that these people didn’t have any other serious addictions. Both the groups were given an inhalable device-one was given placebo while the other was given CBD. The researchers instructed them to puff their device and inhale whenever they had the urge to smoke. The study lasted for 14 days and during this time they were monitored every day. The team of researchers asked them daily about the number of cigarettes they smoked.

Once the study was over, the results shocked everyone. The group inhaling placebo still smoked the same number of cigarettes whereas the other one which had CBD to inhale smoked 40% less cigarettes than earlier. CBD oil benefitted them a lot and motivated them to quit smoking completely. The study report was published in detail on

Living with an addiction is painful not only for the person himself but his friends and family too. The new research has proven to be a ray of hope for many such people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes. If you or your loved ones are interested in seeing for yourself anxiety relief with CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in the following forms:

  • CBD oil
  • E-liquid
  • Pain cream
  • Capsules

Fight your addiction through our products on:


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