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Cancer Treatment

CBD for Acne Treatment

CBD for Acne Treatment

There are many tensions and problems in today’s life. These problems can be related to personal or professional life, financial or emotional or even health. The increasing pollution level and modern lifestyle has triggered serious health problems in everyone. These aren’t just the regular cough and cold but life threatening diseases like cancer, TB, and many more.

There is one more which may not sound that dangerous but can really affect a person emotionally and physically, both. It is acne. One of the most common skin conditions which at least 10% of the population suffers from. It is caused when the skin pores get clogged with dead skin cells like blackheads, cysts, nodules etc. Unfortunately, it is misunderstood to be only affecting people in teenage or adolescence. However, it can happen to anyone from babies to teenagers to adults. Moreover, it can happen anywhere on the body.

Although, there are many services available to treat acne, they are very harmful for skin. Many researchers are looking for a natural and a safe treatment. Additionally, a researcher Tamas Biro came up with a possible natural treatment for acne in a 2009 ICRS meeting. This treatment is CBD or Cannabidiol.  After his long talk on CBD, many researchers were intrigued to research more on it. Nothing has been scientifically proven yet but the research is still on.

So what is CBD? Canabiddiol or CBD is a constituent of cannabis which occurs naturally. It is the most abundant non psychoactive component found in cannabis. It was used ages ago for many purposes. However, due to certain reasons it was banned. But, recently the use of medical marijuana or CBD has been noticed again due to several benefits. has the detailed report which Tamas Biro had presented. The main culprit of acne in the skin is oil which is produced by the sebaceous gland and lipid system. Acne occurs when there is over production of oil by sebaceous glands. To stop this over production, Biro and his team decided to apply liquid CBD on the cells extracted from these glands for research. The result was shocking. CBD inhibited the oil production by lipid system. CBD leads to opening of few channels in cells which have an influx of calcium. Calcium helped in preventing the production of oil, thus, treating acne.

This research opened doors of hope for people suffering from serious acne problems. Although, research hasn’t yet completed, many people have started using CBD liquid for treating acne and many other health related issues. If the research yields positive results, it will be a blessing for the sufferers.

If you or your loved ones are interested in seeing for yourself anxiety relief with CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in the following forms on

  • CBD oil
  • E-liquid
  • Pain cream
  • Capsules has various options in products which you can choose as per your comfort and choice.


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