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Cancer Treatment

CBD can help with weight loss

CBD can help with weight loss

More than a third of American adults are obese. It is estimated that if the current trend continue then by 2020 nearly ¾ of American population will become obese. Obesity not only plays havoc with the person’s emotional health it is also one of the factors leading to various cardiovascular diseases. With the fast paced life that people are leading today, few have time to go to gym regularly. Sometimes, people resort to medicines which have many side effects. It has been found that apart from the various medical benefits that CBD provides like pain relief and helping sleep well, it can also help people who are trying to lose excess weight. CBD is not only a natural way do this, it is quite safe with no side effects. Let’s start with understanding what CBD is.

Cannabidol or CBD

CBD is one of the many active cannabinoids found in cannabis plant or commonly known as marijuana. It accounts for a large percent of the plant’s extract. But, it is different from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in cannabis, which is known for its intoxicating effects. CBD is known to have many medical uses in conditions like epilepsy and cancer. It has been seen that use of CBD in cancer patients helps to reduce nausea, vomiting, pain and appetite loss. Because, of its relative medical importance its use for medical purposes has become legal in many states of USA. Recently, studies were done to establish how CBD can help with weight loss.

Research connecting CBD and weight loss

A study relating CBD and weight loss was published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry scientific journal recently. You can read the details of the study here. In short, what the research did was study the benefits of administering CBD on cells. The cells that were experimented upon were the fat cells. It was found that CBD helped in breaking down the fat. It also helped in burning calories and reduced generation of fat cells.   
How CBD achieved this was through “fat browning”. Fat browning is the process through which white fat cells are converted to brown fat cells. The white fat cells are the ones that store energy. And the brown fat cells burnt the energy. Fat browning had already been studied in animals and it was known that fat browning helped to counter many blood abnormalities and diabetes.
The conclusion was that CBD was one of the best natural cures for obesity. A person who is trying to lose weight naturally would certainly get positive results by using CBD.   Though, CBD is natural and safe and without any side effects it is still recommended to not stop exercising while taking CBD. This would only help to reduce weight faster.


If you or a loved one is interested in trying CBD for weight-loss, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in CBD oil.


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