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Cancer Treatment

11/23 Twitter Posts- What Real People Say about CBD

11/23 Twitter Posts- What Real People Say about CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa CBD oil plant and is a non-psychotomimetic compound. The benefits arrived from it are just like that of Cannabis and it has no THC. Hence it is considered legal in the 50 states. The neurogenic and neuroprotective effects are common. Also, it gives relaxing or anxiolytic effects in animals and humans. Several autoimmune and mental disorders are treated using it. Similarly, in several of the research studies funded by the federal system the use of this drug used as an anti-cancer drug has shown promising results. Hence it is found that CBD can be used to treat many kinds of ailments. To get optimal benefits you need to incorporate this supplement into your daily health regimen. To find out how real people use CBD in real time we can find it from going to twitter.

CBD Tweets from real people

Edward Martino, PhD@ermphd has tweeted that multiple mechanisms make # CBD an effective #cancer fighter #legalizeit

Robert @fluxc80

Replying to @fluxc80 @polygoon

Level it could have massive positive impact on society. Also medicine has looked into MDMA as tool to battle Parkinson and Weed to

Robert @fluxc80

Even battle various forms of cancer. CBD oil to help people with epileptic issues. Much good could be in it.
Tilray Canada @tilray

Proud to offer the largest selection of high # CBD#cannabis. Shop #Warlock CBD#Cannatonic#Afghani CBD Drops & Blends
Slyck 101 @Slyck101
Warlock- CBD is one of my favorites! Great for calming focus and centering
@localbat considering CBD is legal in NC it would actually be a cool thing to say hey this is part of the plant that helps anxiety SCIENCE

Retrakx Ben Fuller @Bensk8n32796
@erikalex43 or you can take a CBD capsule and it’ll calm your anxiety!

— Retrakx (Ben Fuller) (@Bensk8n32796) November 23, 2016
Nitro Dubs @SirClownstick

Replying to @SirClownstick

Honest to god why would anyone in their right mind choose to take benzodiazepines for anxiety in the first place? They’re addictive opiates.

Nitro Dubs @SirClownstick
I spent an hour feeling like a zombie ‘cause my doctor thinks it’s healthier to pop benzo than CBD weed for when I can’t control my anxiety.


(drug ment) I was gonna bathe and bake tonight but my smol pipe is missing… I was certain I put it in its Designated Place

Trees are like the #1 thing for anxiety and depression for sure. Also look into CBD oil, it really works for anxiety.

Conald Drump @ 1 take23
@kandavolu @viceland want my mother who is suffering from multiple myeloma to watch your episode on CBD and cancer what’s the title?

SmashCancer @ SmashCancer
Ppl want#cancercures, not poisons masquerading as medicine http://bit/ly/dg9b7VE#BigPharma#CBDEcancertruth #healing #cancersucks # THC
Blank @Edmerro

As well as adults of all ages + not just for cancer. A multitude of different medical problems can and have been treated with THC and CBD.


To know more about the facts, a good place to look is here. Similarly, there is a good place for you to find about this amazing compound. CBD can be found in different forms like
  • Capsules
  • Oil drops
  • Pain cream
  • E-liquid

  You have several options and you can pick one that is the most comfortable for you. Similarly, every option has varied strengths and is used for different purposes. Hence we hope you will find some time to search these links and get an option that will work the best for you.


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