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CBD Shows Results In the Treatment of Breast Cancer

CBD Shows Results In the Treatment of Breast Cancer

CBD Pain Treatment

Cancer is considered one of the most debilitating diseases of the time. The quality of life is made unbearable by it and the families are torn apart. If this was not enough it is seen that it can affect anyone at any age. A few may be aware of it that they are going to be affected by it but others are totally blindsided.

To put in simple terms you can say that you are affected by cancer when the control of the abnormal cell growth is lost by the body. The old cells do not perish. Abnormal cells continue to grow and a tissue mass is formed which is called a tumor. Different kinds of cancer are found and they can be life-threatening and aggressive too when no treatment for it is sought immediately. Among one of the severe types and most common of cancers is breast cancer. It affects mostly women but men too can be affected by it. It has been a struggle to find a treatment for this disorder.

Breast cancer forms in the breast cells. This is a common form of cancer. It is found that out of eight women one is affected by it. Breast cancer is developed mostly in the milk-producing glands and ducts. It can also affect the lymph nodes and fatty tissue around the breasts.

The federal government is funding research work on cancer to find a safe and natural treatment for breast cancer. The use of CBD or Cannabidiol is being researched upon to find if it can be used as an anti-breast cancer drug.

This is derived from Cannabis Sativa Plant and is a psychotomimetic compound. The benefits got from it are just like that of cannabis and it has no THC. Hence CBD is considered legal in all states. It carries neurogenic and neuroprotective effects and also anxiolytic effects in animals and humans. At present this is used to treat several autoimmune and mental disorders. The result of using it as an anti-cancer drug at present is really promising. CBD is currently used in patients suffering from cancer as a palliative to alleviate pain and emesis. It is found in advanced research work that it kills the cancer cells that it is targeted to.



In 2006 Ligresti did some study on it and found that women who were given 70% potency CBD showed a highly decline in the tumor cell lines in the breasts. This study showed that CBD was able to interfere with the proliferation of progression of cancer cells in the breast. More research work demonstrated that CBD showed the best results amongst all other Cannabinoids in intruding with metastasization and invasion of cancer cell progression. Hence CBD was found to regulate the working of the key genes involved in controlling the invasion and proliferation of cells. Thus you can say that CBD is effective in reducing the tumors’ aggressiveness and size. After four years this group was again tested and it proved that there was a direct effect of CBD on the death of breast cancer cells. Get more updates on this study here.


If you or a loved one is interested in trying CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. You can get CBD in different forms like

  •  Capsules
  • Oil drops
  • Pain cream
  • E-liquid

You have several options so you can pick what you find as the most comfortable one. Similarly, each of these types has CBD in different strengths and for different concerns. Hence we hope that you found time to search through these links and get an option that will work the best for you.

More research is being conducted to find the effects of CBD on particular kinds of cancer and other disorders and illnesses. To date, the results are really impressive foretelling that CBD can be used over other kinds of therapies and treatments for different illnesses and disorders in the future.


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