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Cannabidiol: An Anti-Cancer Drug

Cannabidiol: An Anti-Cancer Drug

Cannabidiol Cancer Treatment

 One of the most debilitating diseases of our times is cancer. The quality of life of the affected and becomes unbearable and the families are torn apart by it. Any person at any age can be affected by it. Some people may be aware that they may be affected by it but others may be blindsided.

A number of cases are said to be helped by the use of Cannabidiol. The disease needs first to be understood in the simple terms. First is the loss of control of the body over the abnormal cell growth. Abnormal cells continue to grow and the old cells are not yet dead this creates a tissue mass and known as a tumor. You have different kinds of cancer and are life-threatening and aggressive when treatment for them is not sought soon. There is no absolute cure found till now. Yes, some therapies are available but can be very toxic and tough on the body of the sufferer.

These are

The federal government has funded some research work to find a safe treatment that is natural too. One such research that is promising is the use of an anti-cancer drug, Cannabidiol.

A non-psychotomimetic compound CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. This gives benefits just like cannabis but has not THC content. The use of CBD is considered legal in the 50 states. Neurogenic and neuroprotective effects are found in CBD. Anxiolytic effects are also displayed in animals as well as humans. At present CBD is used as a palliative care in cancer patients to alleviate pain, wasting and emesis. That this compound is able to kill cancer cells is revealed by extensive research in this area.


CBD is found to be very beneficial was known through a study conducted in 1975 by one Munson. The lung cancer infected mice were administered with CBD oil. The result was seen that growth of abnormal cells in that area was found to be inhibited. After this first study, it has been proven through further research work that particular Cannabidiol receptors have pro-apoptotic and antiproliferative. Continuing the research work it is out to prove that CBD can stop and affect cancer cell migration, tumor growth, adhesion, metstasization, and invasion.


If you are a loved one are interested in trying Cannabidiol, we have a great place for you to start. These links will guide you to the very products used in this research.
You can find CBD in different forms like
  • Capsules
  • Oil drops
  • Pain cream
  • E-liquid

You have many options in front of you and you can pick which is the most comfortable for you. Similarly, the different options have CBD in different strengths and are used for different concerns.

Hence we hope you will try to find the time and look through the links and find the one option that will work the best for you.
More research is carried on to find the effects of CBD on some specific kinds of cancer and other similar disorders. The results found so far because of that are really impressive, pointing to the likelihood that CBD can be used above all other forms of therapies and treatments for different illnesses and disorders in the future.


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