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Anxiety Types

Common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anyone can feel anxious at any time when they face certain uncomfortable, dangerous or new situations. Though such a feeling is not pleasant, at times it is necessary to help the body to be prepared for the challenges it may have to beat. But a few people can have such an experience more than the others and it can be many times a day too. Hence such feeling may get in the way of their day to day life. This keeps them back from experiencing some really good experiences in life for no real reason whatsoever. The patient then may be able to understand such feeling of anxiousness is nothing but an anxiety disorder.

Just to make sure about it the sufferer must check for certain signs and symptoms and then try to get help to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

All those who think they are suffering from this kind of disorder will see some kind of signs and symptoms that will be different for each person. This is because there are several kinds of anxiety disorders which will manifest in different people in different ways. Nevertheless, such disorders may have plenty of the same kind of signs and symptoms across the board no matter what form of disorder it is.

The signs of anxiety disorder can be the characteristics that affect the quality of life in a sufferer and these are

❖ Do they have a feeling of irrational fear frequently
❖ Does the anxiety impede with the responsibilities like school or work
❖ Do they always have a feeling of paranoia or instant danger
❖ Do they feel worried and tensed often for no reason at all
❖ Do they fear change or do the things in a certain way because they fear that something bad is going to happen
❖ Do they avoid some situations that may be a part of their daily life
❖ The emotional symptoms show in the brain and cause some excessive and irrational feelings and thoughts

These symptoms are

❖ Cannot concentrate even on simple things
❖ Irritability
❖ Thinking or fearing that the worse is going to happen
❖ Paranoia
❖ Insomnia
❖ Reluctance or fear of communicating
❖ On edge
❖ Reluctance or fear in social situations
❖ Reluctance or fear to change

The physical symptoms are most common in all types of disorders because anxiety places the body into overdrive, thus it prepares it for the harm or danger whether the situation need such a response or not. Plenty of such patients may not be aware of their disorder and yet visit the hospital on different occasions to elaborate on the origin of the symptoms they see thinking that they have some medical disorder. Such symptoms are

❖ Stomach upset
❖ Sweating
❖ Frequent diarrhea and urination
❖ Dizziness
❖ Muscle tension
❖ Tremors and twitches
❖ Headache
❖ Fatigue
❖ Chest pain
❖ Tingling and numbness
❖ Neck tension
❖ Heart palpitations
❖ Pulsing in the ear
❖ Inability to rest
❖ Weakness in the legs
❖ Shortness of breath
❖ Pounding heart
❖ Fainting

Panic or anxiety attacks belong to the family of anxiety. Several people who feel anxiety will experience it only via the type of the attack rather than getting the feeling all through the day. Nevertheless, this is still harmful because many a time the patient may not know when and how the attack can be experienced or struck. If they know about it they may be able to avoid such situations which will them affect the quality of life.

Such symptoms are

❖ Heart palpitations
❖ Trouble breathing
❖ Lightheadedness
❖ Hot flashes
❖ Hyperventilation
❖ Surge of overwhelming panic
❖ Chills
❖ Nausea
❖ Stuttering
❖ Trembling or shaking
❖ Feeling of loss of control
❖ Feeling detached
❖ Chest pain and tightness
❖ Throat tightness
❖ Cramps
❖ Choking

About 40 million people in the U S are found to struggle with some or the other form of anxiety according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. As said earlier, anxiety will show itself in various ways and it will differ from person to person. But if a number of such symptoms and signs are seen then it is more than likely that you may be suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder. It may seem horrible but it is found that many a people are able to deal with this disorder effectively.

A lot more of information is revealed for the purpose of the people who are suffering from it. It is vital to seek medical as well as emotional treatment to manage this disorder. Plenty of treatments and resources are found to exist now that will effectively assist people to treat this debilitating disorder. You need to find what will work for you and it is important to do so as this will bring your life back.


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