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Use Your Brain to Treat Social Activity

Use Your Brain to Treat Social Activity

The fear of being perceived negatively or humiliated or judged by others is social anxiety. About 15 million people are found to be affected by social anxiety is the finding of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Prior to seeking treatment many would deal with social anxiety for more than 10 years. This is so because the patients and their equals think the person is just shy.

Social anxiety is really a disorder and it affects the quality of life of the sufferer negatively. This holds them back more than that would really hold a person who is just shy. People affected by social anxiety will likely be not good in their academics and in the work where a large number of people gather. They suffer from low self-esteem even when they are aware that the fear is untrue in front of their disorder they are helpless to feel so.

However several people affected by SAD are always in the lookout for a cure for their disorder but they do not believe that the best place for them personally is the pharmaceutical. The solution actually may not be pharmaceuticals. The resolution many a time is found in one place from where the problem starts, that is the brain. Hence there are several ways and techniques to get yourself rid of social anxiety without using drugs or the help of a doctor.

Treatment with Others

One way that helps to get rid of the feeling of social anxiety is Oxytocin stimulation by releasing this in the brain. It is called love molecule. Stimulation of Oxytocin is triggered by human contact. Patients were made to inhale Neuropeptide Oxytocin in one study. Reduced feeling of SAD was experienced by people who were treated thus. They felt comfortable in the situations in which they would generally not feel. This need not be inhaled as Oxytocin is found in the brain. You only need to get a response like this is to have some contact with other human for more than 20secs. This need not be sexual in nature and can be only a hug. Hence it is found that spending time with your loved one is really beneficial for the ones suffering from SAD.

Treatment within Self

An easy option to treat SAD and which is beneficial too is to use self-regulation therapy. CBT or Cognitive behavioral therapy is the one commonly used for this. In this therapy the patient and the therapist agree that the sufferer gets negative behavior and thoughts that need working on. Focusing on the issue the therapist may give advice and may share techniques that will help the patient to treat himself or herself. The central purpose is resolution of ambivalence. Such a therapy helps build a trust between the therapist and the patient. This results in the building of a trusting and positive relationship that SAD patients always found hard to establish.

ACT or acceptance and commitment are the other kind of therapy for SAD and it may work in a better way. In this therapy, the patient is said to be helped to understand his or her SAD better rather than fight their disorder. They are made to accept it that they can deal with and not feel anything negative about their malady. This may crop up from an irrational place but the feeling it gives is for real. Instead of fighting the patients learn to accept the feelings. The patient may find that their disorder is heightened in social situations but with the identification of this disorder they can realize that it is their disorder and there is no threat of any kind for them personally. Thus presenting to them an accepting and calming effect.

Treatment Using Regulation

To reduce SAD another method is to determine the social speed. In this you identify whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. If SAD is affecting you, the likelihood is you prefer to be alone and are an introvert. You may get over-stimulated soon when you are amidst a large number of people or even in face to face conversation. Having a larger frontal cortex in the brain is a sign of introverts. This results in the person getting reflective thoughts and also gets easily excited. You can plan your day better if you know about this disorder. Particular situations and events trigger SAD and knowing about them prior can assist you in dealing with it better and also you can plan well or you can make changes in your plan. This method allows you to live comfortably with SAD instead of treating it. This also helps the people who may not be ready to take on this issue head on.

In case you have a hard time in managing this disorder you should try the above said techniques. These may turn out to be beneficial. Natural and non-pharmaceutical and methods too are available to treat SAD. You need to find one such therapy that may work the best for you.



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