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Treatment of Anxiety with Motivational Interviewing Technique

Treatment of Anxiety with Motivational Interviewing Technique

Anxiety is treated with various methods, among them, therapy is one method that is being suggested by researchers. The cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is the most commonly selected methodology, where a doctor and the patient mutually decide to work on the negative thoughts and behavior of the patient. In CBT, the doctor offers help to the patient by suggesting techniques and ways to combat the problem themselves, basically, it motivates the patient to improve on his anxiety issues. The sole purposes areelimination of any doubt prevalent in the patient and develop trust with the therapist. But, this methodology has not proven to be very effective in the long run, as suggested by a research team formed under Henry Westra and Michael Constantino along with Martin Anthony.

CBT and MI combination

According to Constantino, CBT in combination with motivational interviewing or MI therapy was more effective, for the treatment of anxiety disorder. The MI therapy was result-oriented, wherein the therapist targets the result it wants to achieve from its patients, and following which the patient is asked certain questions that will help them to realize the problem themselves. The methodology is known to produce better results as patients’ needs to follow its own ideas, rather than of the therapist. Moreover, since these ideas are the production of their own brain, they feel more at par with the benefits and work towards achieving the goals. The therapy also helps in avoidance of any sort of conflict that might appear between the therapist and the patient resulting in better outcomes. The arrangement also increases the chance of the patient staying in therapy for a long time that might lead to effective results.

The researchers further studied the effect of treatment by creating two groups. The first group received only CBT therapy, while the second group was administered with both CBT and MI therapy. After 15 sessions of both the therapy, the initial results showed no substantial difference between both the therapies. But, after ayear, the patients that received the combined treatment of CBT and MI were showing better results, than the patients administered with only CBT. There were many combined therapy patients who showcased marked improvement in their behavioral patterns and were still in touch with their doctors. These patients were still active in pursuing their own calculated goals that were made in therapy only for them. However, it is still a mystery,why the combined treatment showed no signs of improvement in its first year. The researchers are focusing on studying further,why the combined therapy didn’t have any positive response in the first year.

The conclusion derived from the experiments atleast helped in acknowledging the fact, that therapy can always be subjected to improvement. This will help the future practitioners to understand and figure out various methodologies and provide better treatment to anxiety patients. Blending various therapies show better improvement in the treatment of people suffering from severe anxiety disorder. "If you or a loved one are interested in seeing for yourself anxiety relief with CBD, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. CBD is offered in:"


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