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Seasonal impact on Anxiety

Seasonal impact on Anxiety

Change of season is a natural phenomenon, which occurs every year. But, can this phenomenon trigger anxiety disorder in people, is still a notion to wonder. The seasonal anxiety disorder is a form of depression or anxiety that gets aggravated when there are seasonal changes. This disorder is known to be more prevalent during the colder months, as the low temperature is considered to make people sad and stressful. Researchers are analyzing the impact of seasons on anxiety and are associating it with serious complications on mental well-being. Some of the facts related to the disorder are mentioned below along with CBD and its allies as a treatment methodology for relief.


When a seasonal change leads to the reflection of anxiety, it is known as a seasonal anxiety disorder. The psychologists consider it more as a state of depression similar to anxiety-like indications that occur due to season transformation. That is why, if you feel that you are agonized by the disorder, then probably you are only curing the symptom, not tackling the disorder.

What leads to seasonal anxiety disorder?

The reason behind the seasonal anxiety disorder is still unknown. But, psychologists across the world agree that sunlight is one of the most prominent reasons behind the outbreak of anxiety. The dim and sunless months, especially during the winter activate the disorder more, as there is an absence of melatonin released by the sun. The lack of sun strikes the release of serotonin, which is considered as a neurotransmitter responsible for depression and anxiety related issues. The team of researchers is also trying to search for few people with mutated genes, which need sunlight for the release of serotonin. Alternatively, experiments are also being conducted to ascertain sleep patterns that might have been responsible for changing behaviors.

What happens to patients suffering from seasonal anxiety?

The symptom of seasonal anxiety stands similarity with typical anxiety conditions, which includes low serotonin levels in the body. It is, therefore, taken at par with the ordinary anxiety disorder. Although certain conditions aggravate only when there is season change. The common symptoms of the disorder include low energy levels, hopelessness, feeling of depression or sadness throughout the day, angriness, sleep disorder, no interest in activities, concentration issues and change pertaining to appetite and weight.
Moreover, when the temperature dips or during the winter seasons, the indications include irritability, low energy levels, oversleeping, weight increase, appetite changes and hypersensitiveness. The summer and spring make the patient suffer from insomnia, irritability, weight loss and depression.

The Remedy for Anxiety relief due to season change

The wonder medicine for the treatment of seasonal anxiety is the natural solution CBD, a major non-psychotomimetic compound formed from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The compound holds similarity to Cannabis and is devoid of THC in any form. Its purity makes it a legal drug across 50 states. Moreover, the compound is a safe bet, with no major psychoactive effects and is powered by neuroprotective and neurogenic properties along with anxiolytic effects. Presently, the CBD is being actively used for the treatment of autoimmune and mental disorders. The drug is also showing positive response in cancer patients, but, not like the way it is showing for anxiety related troubles. When CBD is administered to patients, it activates specific receptors present in the brain which makes the patient feel relaxed. The heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety and panic attack all gets controlled with the drug. The patient’s mood gets elevated and the depression drops significantly. The drug is available in many forms; the patient can choose any form based on its need and choice. The oil drop form is available at, other than oil: -capsule, E-liquid and pain cream is also available easily. The patient can choose the type of variety it wants for usage. All varieties are available in different strengths and respond to different concerns related to anxiety attacks.

Alternative treatments

Although CBD is the best form of treatment, for getting relief from anxiety, the patients can also try the below-mentioned treatment forms for the seasonal anxiety disorder.

1. Cure through light- The seasonal anxiety is treatable with the use of light exposure. The methodology for the procedure involves putting the patient in direct contact with light for prolonged periods. Either sun exposure or any artificial light can be utilized for therapy. The treatment helps in improving serotonin levels, which leads to having a positive outlook and better health conditions.

2. Workout- Physical activity is very necessary to combat anxiety. Proper and regular exercise improves serotonin levels dramatically that helps in managing anxiety attacks. Exercising elevates the mood and helps in producing positive neurotransmitters. The stress hormones and pent-up emotions, both find an outlet to move out of the body through exercise. This further helps in minimizing anxiousness that a patient feels throughout the day.

3. Family time- Seasonal anxiety attacks elevates when a person is subjected to loneliness. It is advisable for people who suffer from anxiety outbreaks to be with near and dear ones, although the mood will be just the opposite. But, staying aloof and not speaking about troubles will make the patient suffer more. Best is to leave aside the feeling and move ahead with greater positivity.  

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