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Dating a person with anxiety is not tough

Dating a person with anxiety is not tough

Suffering from an anxiety disorder is a challenge in itself, not just for the patient, but also for people who hang around with them. Dating a person with anxiety disorder is a tough call in many ways,as the anxiety doesn’t allow the person to deal with their own emotional upheaval. The situation leads to emotional drainage on both the sides. The anxiety attacks even trigger mental disturbance, that is hard to handle for the other partner. The partner needs to be mentally strong to accommodate the anxiety in between plans. The circumstances that can activate anxiety also should be avoided diligently. The emotional requirements can be very dynamic, so preparation is required for controlling the situation. These demands are at times too much for the normal partner and it might be difficult for the other partner to appreciate these symptoms. However, if one has decided to sail away successfully with such a kind of partner, they can consult the below-mentioned cheat sheet for smooth sailing.

1. Be Confident of you - An anxiety disorder leads to plenty of mood swings in a day. There might be situations where you feel that you are the reason behind your partner’s lack of attention towards you and your plans. But, it might be that the anxiety is playing hindrance in your partner’s communication and mannerism. The anxiety disorder stops the partner from appreciating the emotional needs of the other partner. The patients want to do certain things that the partner might like, but mentally and physically feel they won’t be able to do it. The solution is to move at a speed that the person suffering from anxiety can manage, and come to an agreement that the loved one is willing to accept.

2. Gainin-depth knowledge of the problem- A relationship needs the understanding to survive and when one partner is suffering from anxiety, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the underlying problem. It is suggested to conduct an in-depth research of the problem, the side effect of the disorder, the symptoms that trigger the trouble.Like people suffering from anxiety have a large frontal cortex of the brain which leads to reflective thoughts and excited nervous system. The problem is not just mental, the disorder is physical as well. All this information will help in understanding the partner and help in building a conflict-freebonding. 

3. Let them show their anxiousness- An anxiety sufferer itself feels ashamed and embarrassed when the attack is triggered in front of their partner. They feel that they won’t be able to handle the attack and get more anxious, about the fact that their partner will see their condition. In situations like this, the partner should encourage the patient to be relaxed and calm about their presence, this will help them in building a healthy relationship and remove any qualms of anxiety. 

4. Be a support system- When making any plans for going out or being in the public eye, plan an alternate option too. This willhelp, if the anxiety attack triggers in public events. Moreover, never get embarrassed,instead, offer a helping hand and show your confidence towards your partner. This will make the patient at peace and confident.

6. Appreciate your presence- It is difficult for anxiety disorder patients to showcase their love or be involved in close relationships. But, they truly appreciate the hard work you put in to be with them. The best is to focus on their positives and ignore their limitations. 

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