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Celebrities with Anxiety Disorder

Celebrities with Anxiety Disorder

Many people do not want to talk about depression or about their suffering from an anxiety disorder. Sometimes they do not acknowledge it as a problem, sometimes they feel ashamed about it and at times they blame themselves for their sufferings. But, the first step towards solving this problem is to accept it and talk about it. Opening up about pent up feelings helps in overcoming depression and anxiety. Here, are some celebrities who have openly accepted their mental disorders and their day to day struggle to deal with them.

Jennifer Lawrence

One of the highest paid female actresses in 2015-2016, Jennifer Lawrence has finally realized her dreams. At one time though, she had almost chosen not to pursue her dreams of acting. The reason was social anxiety disorder and depression that she suffered from in her teens. Jennifer Lawrence felt herself a social misfit and avoided participating in any activities that would involve interacting with people. It was due to immense will power and courage that she overcame her fears and became an established and successful actor. She knew acting was her calling and willed herself not to give up her happiness for anxiety disorder.

Johnny Depp

One of the most successful and popular actors, Johnny Depp is known to portray larger than life characters onscreen. Though, he performs very well in such challenging roles, he becomes shy and nervous when he has to perform himself. Suffering from social anxiety, Depp is known to have become uncomfortable in interviews and in front of crowds. To overcome this mental disorder, Johnny Depp keeps therapists by his side, whether he is on a movie set or when he goes for an interview. Counselors/ therapists help him with his anxiety problem and teach him relaxation techniques. Though not verbose about his problems it can be seen that he is struggling with them daily.


One of the most talented singers of recent times Adele has admitted to having panic attacks before any stage performance. An award winning singer, Adele has refused to perform at festivals and large crowds. She gets anxious that she would not be able to perform in front of so many people. Though financially lucrative she has to turn down offers of big stage performances because of her mental disorder. She seeks advice from therapists and is working on her anxiety disorder problems.

John Mayer

Famous guitarist, songwriter and singer John Mayer has admitted to having panic attacks. Feeling shortness of breath, sweating John Mayer takes medication for his condition. Mayer has had troubled teens and has suffered from anxiety and fear of being institutionalized. According to him, his parents fought a lot and he would shut himself in a room with his guitar. Later on, he approached therapists for help. Once famous he suffered from anxiety attacks and fear of not performing well. He would think too much and too long over even small issues.

Demi Lovato

An actress and singer, Demi Lovato has been quite vocal about her mental health disorders. She believes the more we talk about these problems the less taboo they would become.Suffering from depression, bi polar disorder, anxiety attacks Demi has taken treatment for her problems and is now happily leading her life. She feels that people should come out and talk about their problems. Being a celebrity she knew nothing is hidden from public eye, and she felt it is her responsibility to talk about her mental illness. She feels that mental illness is also a kind of physical illness as it is concerned with the brain which is very much a physical part of the body.

As seen from above examples, there are many people who suffer from some or the other kind of mental disorder. Even rich and famous ones, who seem to have everything, suffer from such problems. What needs to be remembered is that anyone having these problems is not alone in his/her fight. Talking about it, participating in counseling sessions, taking therapy/medication are all ways to treat it.


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