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CBD the History of Anxiety Treatments

CBD the History of Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety can be said to be as old as man. The body’s response to the danger of any kind, even potential can be said to be anxiety. It can be called fight or flight system. For many years anxiety was not considered as a mental disorder. Being the foremost treatment of the present day with CBD or Cannabidiol the treatment of anxiety took longer. Nonetheless, to understand the nature of this disorder and the culture better in the bygone days we must refer to the past for the answer.

Ancient Greece

The coining of the word hysteria was done during this stretch of time. The Greek word uterus is the base of the word hysteria. It was believed by the Greek that only women were affected by this disorder. The belief was the uterus hindered breathing patterns of females thus causing this disorder. Another belief was semen from a prior partner may become poisonous if it stays long in the body. Hence to be more sexually active was thought to be the cure. This would help with the impediment and would also substitute the old semen remaining in the body.

The Early Renaissance

Superstitions become more common and the ones who had hysteria were thought to be witches. Discussing physical symptoms or anxiety could begin a full study. Treatment for witches was not available. Torture was the plan of action. Execution and burning at the stake were the usual treatments given to witches.

The Victorian Era

Several women were labeled as hysterical during this era. This was because many were not allowed to take up jobs and stayed indoors. Many women had strange hobbies like making trinkets from human hair and so on. Many a time the family members thought this to be weird. Such women were sent off to an insane asylum by the family. Electric shock was the therapy resorted to in the asylum. Lob atomization was given to a few. Later a better treatment known as vibrator became available.

The American Civil War Era

Finally, during this era, it was recognized that men also can have anxiety. They were seen to have irritable heart syndrome after they came back from war. Shortness of breath and irregular heartbeats was thought to be the cause. Opium was the treatment. Its addictive effect was not recognized then so it was given. The list of treatments also included Bromine salts and ethyl alcohol. Anxiety was understood and it was seen in the kind of treatment given. These were after all short-term fixes. This made the patient worse.

The Early 20th Century

The first ones to note anxiety-related psychological aspects were the Russians. A psychiatrist was sent along with the soldiers when they went to war. A well-known treatment method was sedation. An extensively used therapy was muscle relaxation. The ones with an anxiety disorder were sterilized because of the fear that the children would also get it.

The Late 20th Century

The influence of scientific research and knowledge on the understanding of anxiety was truly seen after the 1950s. In the 50s a method was developed and it was fear exposure. The patient was exposed to their fear often which made them desensitized. This was the therapy deployed. The coining of the word anxiety disorder was done in the 1980s. It was at last comprehended in the 1990s that antidepressants used on anxiety patients showed good results. These helped normal brain function to increase.


More natural methods are used by many patients today. Terrible side effects given by several prescription drugs led to this. Use of CBD or Cannabidiol is the best-accepted method at present. Derived from Cannabis Sativa plant it is a chief Non-psychotomimetic compound. The user gets the same benefits of using Cannabis and it does not contain THC. Because of this CBD is considered legal in the 50 states of the US. Neurogenic and Neuroprotective effects are seen by taking CBD. Anxiolytic effects in animals and humans are also displayed by it.

At present CBD is used to treat several autoimmune and mental disorders. Using CBD as a treatment for anxiety is really promising. Clearer and a calmer state of mind can be attained by the use of CBD for a short term. The decrease in heart rate is seen by its use. Using CBD for a long period aids in to alleviate the physical symptoms like sweating and shortness of breath. Panic attacks, over thinking and similar mental symptoms also get improved by its intake. This is proved by some studies too. Natural receptors of the brain allow the CBD to have this effect. Here you can read about the most popular studies.


If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, we have a great place for you to start your search into the very products used in this research. You can obtain CBD in

  • Capsules
  • Oil drops
  • Pain cream
  • E-liquid

You have many options and you can use which is the most comfortable among them for you. Different strengths of CBD are present in each of these. Use these links and hip upon an option that will work the best for you.


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