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5 Celebrities with Anxiety: You are not alone

5 Celebrities with Anxiety: You are not alone

40 million adults suffer from anxiety in the United States alone, says the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Increasing number of people are daily getting affected by it. Anybody can get affected by it. You think the celebrities have it all together. But this is what is visible on the outside. The fact is many celebrities are every day secretly dealing with the painful struggle.

Caitlyn Jenner –Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete, has recently changed her sex and now goes by the name of Caitlyn Jenner. She has dealt with a lot of anxiety while undergoing the transformation and still continues to do so. She was anxious as she knew she is a woman. But she, as a man, was in a very public relationship because of her marriage to Kris Jenner. Her anxiety made her spend sleepless nights. She was worried about how her family and public perceives her once she goes public with the news of her change. After undergoing her surgery, she frequently suffers from panic attacks when she looks into mirrors or when she sees someone looking back at her. She is still working and coping with her anxiety and changes as time is passing by.

Taylor Swift– Hollywood’s sweetheart Taylor Swift suffers from an anxiety disorder called OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. She had it from a young age but it really got more pronounced after she was involved in two car accidents. Car accidents victims suffer from anxiety or are mentally wounded. In addition to these problems, she also has a very public love and career life. This all makes it very difficult for her to cope up. She believes people are just waiting for her to make a mistake or mess up. She feels like she is being observed very minutely like through a microscope. All this lead her to handle herself negatively and exercises great control on her life. She says that anxiety affects her even in her sleep and suffers from night terrors of things going terribly in her life.

“There are times when I’m caught up in everything and I have to say to myself, please feel good; please feel better; everything’s okay; you’re fine; things aren’t falling apart; take a second; get back to a place where you realize that you don’t actually have real problems.”
Emma Stone– This comedian may be hilarious but has been suffering quietly from anxiety from the tender age of 8 years. She never felt a sense belonging and fitting in her school. This anxiety prevented her from interacting with kids in school. She felt her surroundings were out of her control. She even made a PowerPoint presentation to try to convince her parents to let her drop out of school. Comedy has played an important role as a coping method from her anxiety. The ability to laugh at her disorder and herself has proved to be very therapeutic.
Michael Jackson– The late Michael Jackson had struggled with anxiety all his life. Being pushed into the spotlight at an early age, an abusive family, fans and peer pressure – there is no need to explain Jackson’s anxiety any further. Jackson’s doctor admitted of him taking up to 30 anxiety medications on a daily basis. His disorder has been blamed by his family for the many erratic behaviours and drastic changes that he had undergone in his life.

"I’m never pleased with anything. I’m a perfectionist, its part of who I am"

Beyonce– Beyonce claims that she suffers from anxiety induced from stressful times in her life. While on tour, she feels so fuzzy that she doesn’t even know if she has eaten or slept or which day it is, she claims. She feels her mind racing constantly. She tries to relax but all that she can think of is her upcoming performance. This anxiety makes it very hard for her to enjoy her success, accomplishments or time with family and friends. Her mother says that she keeps track of such periods in Beyonce’s life and ensures that she takes a couple of weeks’ time off to help her get back to normalcy.
The disorder should be taken seriously as indicated through the personal battles of these celebrities in their lives. The disorder is coming out in the spotlight. With it are coming out people with their stories of courage and strength exhibited while dealing with the disorder. So, just in case you are suffering from the disorder, don’t think you are alone. Know that there are many resources, medical treatments, and people suffering from this detrimental disorder who are willing to help. Believe it, you alone are not dealing with anxiety.



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