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10 Tips To Combat Public Speaking Anxiety

10 Tips To Combat Public Speaking Anxiety

One of the most common symptoms of having anxiety is the fear of talking in public or stage fear. Sometimes, in severe cases, just having a one-on-one or a face to face conversation can drive anxiety levels up. It can leave the person with low self-confidence and one may never want to face such a fear and would do anything to avoid it. Here are some ways to help you reduce your anxiety level at such times.

1. Prepare: Rehearse your speech till you are confident about yourself. Be proud of what you are doing, it will give you a big confidence boost. Remember the words that link the paragraphs so that it is easier for you to remember your speech in the right order. This way, there are lesser chances of forgetting.

2. Practice: Practice your speech on a frequent basis. By doing this, your brain is going over the speech over and over again, thus reducing the chances of you blanking out by a great margin. Memorize your speech word to word so that you will not forget big portions of your speech. While practicing, write your speech down on a sheet and read it out loud. This way, you will be reiterating it in three ways- seeing, hearing and memorizing.

3. Positive mindset: Remember to stay positive. Know that the audience are on your side and will encourage you to take the big step. Never go with a negative mindset as it will deeply affect your morale. Think about how happy you will feel if you succeed. Know that all people will feel stressed out during the beginning of the speech and everyone is in the same boat. Just stay calm and say your lines.

4. Find a reason to be excited about your speech: It is easier for you to talk about something that interests you, a movie or a hobby or a passion. Find an aspect about your speech that excites you. By doing this, you will be happy and willing to talk about it. Anxiety can go right out of the window.

5. Have an amazing opening: If you have an interesting opening to you speech, it is easy to see that you have captured the attention of your audience and they are happy to listen to you. This will have a positive effect of your brain. A punch opening when received well by the audience will have such a positive impact on your mind that you will stop feeling anxious.

6. Avoid caffeine before your speech: Caffeine is generally known to affect the heart rate of the person. In case of people suffering from anxiety, it may worsen the situation by increasing the effects of anxiety. It could lead to a panic attack. Eat a light meal, exercise lightly to stimulate the production of endorphins which have a calming effect and keep yourself hydrated. If your throat tends to dry up during the speech, feel free to carry a water bottle with you to the podium.

7. Listen to music before your speech: Music has a calming effect on your mind and will help keep you focused on your speech. Listen to soft music that you like before your speech.

8. Visualization technique: Visualize a person whom you are comfortable talking to, and visualize that they are your audience and you are talking in front of them. Or remember a place where you felt happy. Think that you are there. It will make you feel less anxious.

9. Go slow: Do not hurry while talking, you will tend to forget words or stammer. It might also cause you to make unnecessary mistakes. Talk in a slow and steady pace.

10. Don’t stress it and breathe: Do not think that your speech is the end of the world. Think of it positively as a growing opportunity to learn something new.

Anxiety does not always need to stand in your way. There are always simple solutions for every problem. Be confident about yourself and have some faith. It will definitely pay off in the end. CBD (cannabidiol) in the form of capsules, cream and oil is being used to treat symptoms pertaining to anxiety.

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