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CBD Can Treat Seasonal Anxiety Disorder

CBD Can Treat Seasonal Anxiety Disorder

Seasonal anxiety disorder used to be seen as a myth. There was no true research to back up the claim. Seasonal anxiety disorder is anxiety or depression that is induced during the change of seasons. Most commonly in the winter months. This was thought to happen because the winter months can be gloomier and stressful. However, more research is being brought to light displaying that seasons can have a huge impact on mental health. We are here to bring you the facts about the disorder. We will also show you how CBD can treat seasonal anxiety disorder along with other helpful therapies.

What seasonal anxiety disorder REALLY is?

Seasonal anxiety disorder is a manifestation of anxiety that is brought about during different seasons. However, many psychologists have realized it presents itself as more of a depressive disorder. However, with anxiety-like symptoms. Therefore, if you believe you suffer from this disorder, you could be only treating the symptoms and not the disorder itself.

Causes of seasonal anxiety disorder

It is not exactly known what causes seasonal anxiety disorder. Most psychologists agree that it has to do with exposure to sunlight. Most develop this disorder during gloomier months. Sunlight activates melatonin. This can affect the release of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that specifically is involved with anxiety and depression disorders. There is even research being done to see if some people have a mutated gene that requires sunlight to release serotonin. Likewise, research is being done to see if sleep rhythms play a role in this change of behavior.

What it feels like to have seasonal anxiety disorder

Seasonal anxiety still manifests itself similarly to typical anxiety. These being things such as low serotonin. Therefore, it feels very much like any generalized anxiety disorder. The main difference is that it is only prevalent during certain seasons.



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